Sci-Fi anime
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Anime name Latest episode
Jikuu Boukenki Zentrix (Dub)    Completed
Jikuu Tantei Genshi-kun    Completed
Jinki:Extend Completed
Jinzou Ningen Kikaider The Animation Completed
Joker: Marginal City    Completed
Jue Ming Xiang Ying Completed
Juuousei Completed
Juusenki L-Gaim    Completed
Juushinki Pandora Completed
Juushinki Pandora (Dub) Completed
Jyu Oh Sei    Completed
Jyu Oh Sei (Dub)    Completed
Sci-Fi genre
Anime where the setting is based on the technology and tools of a scientifically imaginable world. The majority of technologies presented are not available in the present day and therefore the Science is Fiction. This incorporates any possible place (planets, space, underwater, you name it).