Arslan Senki (TV) OVA information
Arslan Senki (TV) OVA

Other name:  アルスラーン戦記

Genres:  Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Shounen

Date Aired:  Oct, 14 2020

Status:  Completed        Views:  101        Click to bookmark


It has been announced that Hiromu Arakawa's Arslan Senki manga will bundle OVAs in the fifth and sixth volumes, to be released on May 9 and December 9 respectively. The first OVA will include an original story supervised by Hiromu Arakawa, while the content of the second OVA has not been announced yet
Episode name Day Added
Arslan Senki (TV) OVA Episode 001 14/10/2020
Arslan Senki (TV) OVA - KimAnime
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