91 Days Day 13 (Sub) information
91 Days Day 13 (Sub)

Other name:  91 Days Episode 13, 91 Days Special, 91 Days: Shoal of Time/All Our Yesterdays/Tomorrow and Tomorrow, 91Days Day13「時の浅瀬/すべての昨日/明日、また明日」

Genres:  Action, Drama, Historical

Date Aired:  Jul, 05 2017

Status:  Completed        Views:  182        Click to bookmark


Episode 13 of 91 Days. This episode contains three stories. The first story, "Toki no Asase" (Shoals of Time), will center on Nero and Vanno persuading Frate to skip mass with them and see the circus. The second story, "Subete no Kinou" (Yesterday Before Everything), will focus on Ganzo, as he meets a young man named Vincente at a bar, and asks Ganzo to do something for him. The third story, "Ashita, Mata Ashita" (Tomorrow, and then Tomorrow), is set after Nero and Avilio defeat Mad Mack and are on the way back to Lawless. Nero suffers from fever dreams, and Avilio nurses him back to health.
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91 Days Day 13 (Sub) Episode 001 14/10/2020
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